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The Bar Chairman,  Paul Wakeman and our secretary Sylvia Read were accompanied by a few members of the Tiverton Con Club, on a guided tour of Thatchers Farm,  home of The Well Known Brand 'Thatchers Cider.  

Thatchers is still on its original site which started as a farm shop, selling, drinking and giving away Cider.  

Expanding over the years, Thatchers is still a family run business now with the fourth generation.  


  • The tour included the process from beginning to end.  

Apple to a Cider Drink

The whole process is seeped in technology and tradition, with a small workforce 400 +.   Who are looked after in a family traditional way.

The local community are supported with events and a grand open day once a year.

Check out the Thatchers Product at our Club which we intend to expand.

                                🌟🍺٩(˘◡˘ )

Each one lovingly crafted at Myrtle Farm in Somerset.
Find your favourite, or try something new!

  • Gold

  • Haze

  • Rosé

  • Katy

  • Zero

  • Cloudy Lemon

  • Vintage

  • Green Goblin

  • Rascal

  • Cider Barn

  • Stan’s

  • Blood Orange

and draft ciders of course.

Each segmant bar panel provides the story of Thatchers

Each segmant of the bar panels, shows the storey oy Thatchers Cider

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